Take care of your feet as much as you take care of others

A pair of high quality and comfortable nursing shoes.

Weight and Comfort

     Considering that you will be wearing shoes almost daily and for long hours, the weight of the shoes is a very crucial consideration. Clunky or heavy shoes can have a negative impact on your comfort level. This can affect your performance and productivity. If you are wearing nursing shoes that are not comfortable, your performance will show it. Therefore, ensure that your nursing shoes are very comfortable and do not create any discomfort. If your work involves moving around a lot, you will need to purchase a lightweight pair of shoes.

Apart from buying lightweight and comfortable nursing shoes, you can consider improving your overall comfort by buying compression socks. Such socks help in circulation and flow of blood, to minimize swelling that is normally observed on those who spend a lot of time on their feet.

Support and Stability

   Since nurses work for long hours, it is extremely important to buy a shoe with good support and stability. This is important for both comfort and health reasons. The shoe you are eyeing, should provide excellent back and ankle support during your work routine to eliminate or reduce foot, back and leg pain. Failure to do so, might cause you to be faced with leg and back issues in future.

Factors like design and material, shape and height can have a great impact on how the shoe performs. Therefore, consider these factors carefully when buying nursing shoes. you can also experiment with a combination of different features to see the ones that fit your feet best. Supportive shoes are both comfortable and healthy.

Design and Construction

   Nursing shoes come in different styles, designs, and construction. Some of the most common shoes in the nursing field include clogs, crocs, athletic shoes, and tennis shoes. Each shoe has its own unique benefits and setbacks depending on the work surface, feet type, and medical condition.

If you are to choose between stylish nursing shoes that are not comfortable but look good, and basic looking shoes that keep your feet healthy and happy, go for the ones that keep your feet healthy. The quality of material is another key consideration. You don’t want to be going to the shop every now and then. Leather is one material known for durability.

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